Cold Shoulder

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Hey everyone, I’m alive and well, but horrible at keeping this blog moving! Anyways, here are some photos I took of my friend’s band Cold Shoulder in a room that is smaller than my bedroom. Pretty fun, very sweaty and reminds me of the glory days!

Modern Space are high by the beach with Lana Del Rey. I think.

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Hey everyone, as promised I have returned with some more new work!  I recently shot some new work with Modern Space, they do this really amazing cover of high by the beach by Lana Del Rey.  I shot a video for it and I think it turned out really well!  I’m not totally sure who edited it, but they did an amazing job.  Either way, I’m pumped on it and I hope you enjoy it!  See you soon.

The Christian Punk Band

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I haven’t posted in months.  Again.  For this, I’m sorry.  I recently came up with some spare time that wasn’t spent moving, working the first job of my career, shooting various other projects (moonlighting as a photographer) and playing in a band.  Needless to say, this blog has taken a pretty big back seat to the rest of my life and I miss posting regularly.  A lot.  I know most of the people who would follow this blog now follow my Instagram and that is probably the best place to see what I have been up to in recent months.  Anyways, please forgive me and follow me there if you really miss me!

In the process of creating a new website to showcase my marketing abilities and accomplishments over the past few years ( launching soon if you’re interested) I ran across a photo that may be one of my favourites that I have ever taken.  Please take a look below at a photo of the Christian Punk Band.  Great dudes and catchy riffs.  Click here to check’m out.

See you again soon, maybe!

Say Anything

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Hey all.  Recently I have not been shooting very many concerts.  This is a choice of my own and I wanted to explain why and to expose some things that really piss me off about photographing concerts.  If you want to read that, you can below these photos I shot of Say Anything at the Opera House in Toronto.  Enjoy!

Alright.  For those of you who stuck around to read my rant- I will make it short and sweet

I know I have ranted about them in the past for bringing horribly unnecessary gear to shoot shows that they are not being paid to shoot.  If it is their passion project then I admire them for doing so because shooting concerts doesn’t pay anything unless you are shooting for a magazine, publicist or label that can afford to pay you.  Those gigs are few and far between.  I won’t beat a dead horse by ranting about dudes with enormous lenses who are definitely compensating for something…  Instead I want to write about an experience I had with a fellow photographer I met in the pit while shooting the photos above.  She was very sweet and we had a cool conversation about bands from the early 2000’s and how our 16 year old selves would be losing their minds to be a few feet from Fred from TBS, Max from Say Anything or Kenny from Moneen.  She mentioned near the end of the night that it was great to have talked to me because most other concert photographers do not talk to her.  She blamed it on inflated egos and I know exactly what she means.  If you are a concert photographer who wears ear plugs while not in the pit or between bands; eat shit.  Concert photographers in my opinion should create a community in which grossly underpaid artists get to create and share photos of bands that others would be dying to see.  If we were all more interested in how many likes our last post on instagram got rather than meeting other people with the exact same values…  Well that’s just a little too introverted for me.  We are in a creative industry that focuses on capturing the unique or the beautiful, it boggles my mind that some of us think we are better than others.  If you are a concert photographer (and I know some of you who read this will be), don’t be a prick to your fellow photographers.  Put your cell phones down and strike up a conversation with another photographer.  If they don’t want to talk to you, then tell them that they should take themselves a little less seriously, only a handful of people will see their photos anyway.


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Hey!  Hope everyone had a cool long weekend!  No, not the temperature, I know you had that.  I hung out with Alicia and my friend Nicolette the other night.  After ingesting mass amounts of the spiciest indian food I have ever eaten and then cooling it off with ice cream…  what better way to end the night than with sparklers?  Enjoy!

The Flatliners

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Hey everyone, last night I shot one of my favourite bands at Sneaky Dee’s.  I think I spent more time singing along than I did thinking about the camera in my hands.  Anyways, here are some photos from that!  Enjoy!

Teenage Kicks at The Horseshoe

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Hey everyone.  So last Friday was the record release for The Spoils Of Youth by my good pals in Teenage Kicks.  I am so happy to see their record come out at long last and am so honoured to have a photo printed on the back cover.  It makes me so happy to have my photo used in such a cool way, on such a cool record, which is awesome.  I am also very excited to see an old pal behind the kit again, Brendan was in a band called Everlea who I used to watch whenever they came to my town.  Brendan is such an amazing drummer.  Here are some photos from that show!  Enjoy them and the spring!

Old lens, but the best lens

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So after a bit of an eBay debacle, I bought a Leica 35mm Summicron V2.  I was kind of bummed about the price but when it showed up and I picked it up for the first time I was instantly in love with it.  How this little hunk of metal and glass communicates value to you without ever having even put it on a camera is truly amazing.  I am blessed to have it and it is now one of my favourite pieces of gear.  I borrowed a lens adapter from my good pal Nathan and popped it on my Fuji XE1 today and this is what came out.  Absolutely awesome.  Enjoy!

I’m an uncle!

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Hey everyone.  So spring is here and the weather is becoming more photo friendly!  I am almost finished the semester as well so hopefully that means more time for photos and being creative.  Feeling like a little bottled up and very excited to shoot!  I became an uncle too, so look forward to many many photos of these little dudes in the future!  Meet Jacob and Carson everyone!

The Toolbox

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So a friend of mine posted a really cool website on my Facebook recently called ShotKit.  I love this website because I’m really interested in the tools that people use to create their photos and how similar they seem to be to other photographer’s camera kits.  The interesting bit is how so many people use the same gear and their photos look so different.  I urge you, if you are a photographer, to check this website out.  It’s amazing!

With that said, I decided I would do my own rendition of it because I don’t have nearly enough Facebook likes or Instagram followers to be on ShotKit.  Hahaha!

Over the years I have switched back and forth between Canon and Nikon a few times and dabbled in film camera gear (with the help of my sherpa of the gear mountain Jesse and the influence of another Jess).  I have settled in the Canon arena for the past 4 years or so because of their lenses and maybe more importantly, because I became too invested at some point to switch again, ha!

  • 1.  5D Mark II (sometimes with the battery grip, sometimes not)
  • 2.  24mm f1.4L
  • 3.  45mm f2.8 TSE Tilt Shift
  • 4.  50mm f1.4 (replaced the f1.2L, this is a cheaper, lighter alternative)
  • 5.  85mm f1.8 (probably the best performing lens in my bag)
  • 6.  70-200mm f2.8L (need this for shooting larger concerts and weddings)
  • 7.  430 EXII (great lightweight flash, I’ve never needed the 580 power. …or weight)
  • 8.  Pocket Wizards (can’t go wrong there, usually paired with an Alien Bees B800 strobe)

Outside of the Canon kit, I love having cameras that are small enough that I can take them everywhere.  I think that is what sets some photographers apart from others, to be always shooting.  Some of my favourite photographers only have their cameras with them when they are intentionally shooting, but some have a camera on them at all times.  These cameras let me capture my life without busting out the pelican case.

  • 9.  Fuji XE-1 w/35mm f1.4 (love this lens, love the sensor, don’t love the AF performance)
  • 10.  GoPro Hero3 silver (follow me on instagram to see what I do with this thing)
  • 11.  Lumix LX5 (point and shoot that has been all over the place with me, high ISOs look like film!)

Film has been sort of a hobby for a while.  There are people who faithfully shoot film and swear by it.  I agree to a certain extent, I love the look, I love the process of shooting with it, I love the feeling of creating physical images, rather than pressing a button and instantly creating millions of 1s and 0s.  I love to shoot film because it slows me down so that I really look at and think about every shot that I take.  These cameras are some of my favourite.

  • 12.  Mamiya 645 Super w/80mm f2.8 (love this thing, the lenses and operation are great)
  • 13.  Mamiya 150mm f3.5 (great portrait lens, awesome subject separation)
  • 14.  Leica M4-P w/Jupiter 12 35mm f2.8 (super cheap lens on the favourite camera in my bag)
  • 16.  Various film (I don’t claim to be devoted to any specific film, I love it all)

And finally, number 15.  Who could shoot without a tripod?

Thanks for looking.  Maybe you are reading this and have some similar gear?  I’d love to see what you shoot with, so if you have a blog and have done this too I want to see!  E-mail me!