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Hey.  So I’ve been kind of off the map lately because school seems to have a tremendous ability to destroy my free time!  So, now that I have gotten some major due dates out of the way, I may share some photos I took this afternoon.  Anyways- enjoy the fall air before it turns into cold winter air!

Nerd out:  All of these are taken with my old Russian Jupiter 8 50mm f2 on my Fuji XE-1.  It’s a pretty cool combination and a very refreshing way to shoot now that the Fuji has peaking mode.  Manual focus is now a breeze!  I find the sharp parts of the images have a really cool “true-to-life”, almost cinematic look.  Although the out of focus areas can look a bit greasy n’ gritty, I’ve found characteristics of the bokeh similar to the Canon 50mm f1.4.  Colours on the Fuji are great as always and the flare of this lens can really bring out some strange hues and rainbows.  Nerd out complete!

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