The Christian Punk Band

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I haven’t posted in months.  Again.  For this, I’m sorry.  I recently came up with some spare time that wasn’t spent moving, working the first job of my career, shooting various other projects (moonlighting as a photographer) and playing in a band.  Needless to say, this blog has taken a pretty big back seat to the rest of my life and I miss posting regularly.  A lot.  I know most of the people who would follow this blog now follow my Instagram and that is probably the best place to see what I have been up to in recent months.  Anyways, please forgive me and follow me there if you really miss me!

In the process of creating a new website to showcase my marketing abilities and accomplishments over the past few years ( launching soon if you’re interested) I ran across a photo that may be one of my favourites that I have ever taken.  Please take a look below at a photo of the Christian Punk Band.  Great dudes and catchy riffs.  Click here to check’m out.

See you again soon, maybe!

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